Starbase 17

Your task is to save the whole universe in this strategic space duel.

Starbase 17 lies on the edge of the territorial space-dust owned by the Galactic Federation of Good Guys (a.k.a. GFGG). Of all the places in the universe (not to mention the space-time possibilities), today the starbase's long-scan radars detect a massive force approaching menacingly towards them. This attacking force calls itself The Empire (For Lack Of A Better Name). They look and sound menacing, but the 17's crew are well prepared for them.

The wise guys from The Empire (For Lack Of A Better Name) prepare their fleet for a full frontal attack. In response, the GFGG deploy their fighters in a defensive formation in front of the starbase. Needless to say, the suspense is unnervingly through the sky. No time to panic though, as in this part of space not only will everyone hear you scream, but anyone wetting their pants will be picked up on the intergalactic comms-system as well.

Speaking of which, Brad had just finished his task of installing the comms-system. As the alert was sounded, Brad was in the employees' mess enjoying the free lunch offered by his client. This same client now suggested that Brad had better leave the starbase as soon as possible since his job was over anyway.

With all the starbase focused on the front side, Brad opens the back door to get away quickly. There he notices a single enemy ship flown by the famous ace Morg, ready to unleash his firepower into their backside. There is no time to call for help. You as Brad must jump into the only ship left inside the hangar and stop Morg.

This is a turn-based game between two players who try to take a shot at each other's shields and space-ships. Download now and test your strategy against the mighty Morg.

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