I am just now applying the finishing touches to the first version of the software to show caller information whenever an emergency call on the 112 service comes in. Requested by the EU and operated by the country's police department, by means of this software the call centre agent will be able to see the caller's details (such as location) and handle the call as required. System testing is going to start soon. Meanwhile, here is a snippet from the program's documentation:

“The implementation of the 112 Emergency Services software is divided into two sections, namely the administration program and the agent program. The administration program is meant to be installed on the server, and is used to configure the server’s configuration. Eventually it will also be used to generate the required call logging reports. The agent client program is to be installed on all agent computers. The main function of the client program is to display the name and address of the caller that has dialled into the 112 emergency services. This program also has the secondary functions of call handling (answer/transfer/release) and call tagging (for reporting purposes)” Photo: The Times of Malta

This little converter is my monthly release for January 2012. Its purpose, as the name says, is to help you to convert a decimal number into its roman numeral equivalent. Isn't that handy or what?

Feel free to use, and don't forget to submit your comments or any suggestions for future monthly releases. I am all ears.

Here is the link for the Roman Number Converter.

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