Adding a free Let's Encrypt certificate on Azure Web App Step 3: Storage account

After setting up the app registration and role assignment, now it is time to look into obtaining some storage.

The Let’s Encrypt application will run as a Web Job, and as a web job it needs a storage account to store the required information. So head over to the Storage accounts menu and click on the + Create button.

Storage Account Icon

The storage account can be set with the cheapest configuration since the job will just run in the background without affecting the performance of your web site visitors. It can be set to standard performance, locally redundant storage, and hot access tier.

Creating a new Azure storage account

Once filled in, click on the Review + create button, and the review screen will come up. Go ahead and click on the Create button.

Confirm all storage account settings are correct

Wait until the new storage account is deployed, then hop over to the Access keys section and make a note of the storage account connection string.

Storage account connection string

We will then use all of the connection settings that we have collected so far in the last step. Just be patient and keep them safe.

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