A user browsing the monitoring tool with a tablet.


I am pleased to welcome you here! edvella.com is my own personal website, a place where I can share my interests with everyone through the blog, the software repository and the games mini-site. I hope that you enjoy your stay here, and if you need to ask anything, feel free to do so through the contact page.

A laptop computer showing the daily clinic schedule.

What is this site all about?

edvella.com first and foremost is where I can share some of the software I wrote for you to download. Then I'd like to share some toughts with you about software development, and finally in the games section show you a few classic games that have made history.

A user searching for an event with a tablet.

Who am I?

Developer by day and gamer by night, this is the place where I combine my two interests together. Here are some of the projects that I have worked on recently and in my previous life: a system for the local 112 emergency service to show the location of the caller, a server monitoring tool, a front-end site for Dynamics 365 for Operations, a trouble ticketing system, a point of sale and inventory system, and a patient appointment scheduler.

The national emergency software waiting to display caller location details.


edvella.com is always improving and we would not be here if not by standing on the shoulders of these big projects:

You should blame me for the rest of the coding and content. If you need to contact me for any work, here's that contact link again.