Broken Sword Ⅱ: The Smoking Mirror (PC)

Nico: This must be the place, professor Oubier’s house.

George: Looks pretty creepy...!

George, narrating: I have been away from Paris and haven’t seen Nico in six months. I wanted to celebrate our reunion, but she had other plans; an appointment with an archaeologist. Something to do with a Mayan stone she came across while researching a story. The guy who answered the door didn’t look much like an archaeologist to me. I have a bad feeling about this...

Broken Sword 2 is a point-and-click adventure game and the sequel to the great first chapter in the series. It follows up from where it left off, this time with George and Nico trying to solve a Mayan mystery. From the get go, the game feels like an improved version of everything that was in the first game. The graphics look sharper, and the puzzles are tighter, with the pace feeling faster.

Also apparent from the beginning is that Nicole looks and sounds different, but at least she’s a playable character now. Together with George, she goes globetrotting once again making fun of all the encountered cultures in typical British humour.

Whilst playing Broken Sword 2, I did notice some similarities with some of the situations from Monkey Island 2, which is also a popular adventure game released six years prior. However the game does set its own identity and manages to develop the characters further. I was a little disappointed that certain characters from the first game did not make an appearance, and that some of the puzzles were solved too quickly. However, Broken Sword 2 definitely does enough overall to improve upon the first game and deliver another unforgettable experience.


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