Rite of the Druid (ZX Spectrum Next)

You feel a sense of nervous excitement as the tribe gathers around you in the darkness, the glow of a small fire making their faces glow like the spirits of the dead. For years you have been preparing yourself for this rite - to finally earn the title of druid, and now the time is here. You hope you are worthy. You know you are.

Rite of the Druid is a classical adventure game where you play the game through a text parser. It makes good use of the Next’s graphical capabilities by matching the various locations’ description with nicely-drawn, colourful backgrounds.

You are a Druid, or rather planning to become one. That’s the whole point of the game. You have prepared all your life for this, and have been whisked away in a strange land where you need to gather the necessary stuff to complete the rite.

The way that the Druids are described in the game is similar to Warcraft’s druids. So think tree-loving, shape-shifting creatures heeding the call of the wild. Although we only see the background of each location, the game’s text manages to fill in the rest and provide a vivid picture anyway.

Rite of the Druid is not a very large game. It is rather easy and would be a good introduction to adventure gaming without making newcomers become lost and frustrated. The short ride, however, apart from being free, is an enjoyable one. I was quite happy to discover that it also has multiple endings depending on the choice you make.

Why should you play Rite of the Druid?

- One of the few games available for the ZX Spectrum Next - Good introduction to text adventure games

What may put you off?

Nothing really, although old-school adventurers should not expect a tough challenge


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