Super Marioland DX (Gameboy Color)

Once upon a time, there was a peaceful world called Sarasaland. In this world there were 4 kingdoms named Birabuto, Muda, Easton and Chai. One day, the skies of Sarasaland were suddenly covered by a huge cloud. From a crack in this cloud, the unknown space monster Tatanga emerged to try to conquer Sarasaland. Tatanga hypnotized the people of all the kingdoms so that he could control them in any way he liked. In this way he took over Sarasaland.

Now, he wants to marry Princess Daisy of Sarasaland and make her his queen.

A number of reviews back, I picked up Super Marioland for the original Gameboy. Apart from the obvious comparison in monochrome graphics, the game is somewhat different from the majority of the Mario series. So when I heard about Super Mario Land DX, a colour mod for playing the game on the Gameboy Color, I had to try it. Especially since the whole game is about two hours long.

So yes, it seems we have a plan. Though it takes a bit of work to get it running. You have to apply the mod as a patch on a copy of the original game, and then transfer the patched version to the Gameboy Color.

Super Marioland DX is a visual overhaul of Nintendo's original. The graphics have been redrawn using the Gameboy Color's sixteen colour palette to make the original game stand out. The background colours also change between levels, providing additional variety.

Most importantly, all of the best parts of Super Marioland are left intact. Same awesome gameplay combined with the same awesome background music.

For those of you who have never played the original, but feel intrigued with playing a remaster, it's about Mario traveling around the land to rescue the damsel in distress. Mostly jumping all over the place in the usual platforming action, mixed with a couple of series-unique shooter levels.

Still not convinced? Super Marioland DX is a small treat down memory lane. It proves that some games not only stand the test of time, but actually get better with a little mod.

Why should you play Super Marioland DX?

- Cute graphics - Cool music - Easy to pick up and play

What may put you off?

- Takes some hacking skills to apply patch - Not as smooth as the other Mario games - Somewhat short


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