BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 (PC)

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The second Burial at Sea episode continues just where the first one left off, but it is an entirely different experience from its predecessor as well as the base game. This time, you assume Elizabeth’s persona as you make your way through the various areas of the BioShock universe following Atlas’ instructions, just as in the original BioShock.

You can still call the game a first-person shooter. However, forget about going in with all guns blazing. Burial at Sea Episode 2 is mostly a stealth game, and you have to take down your enemies one at a time at the right time when they stray away from their group. This also ties in with the fact that Elizabeth is a different character than Booker, and her approach to eliminating her enemies makes it obvious.

Ammo is extremely limited this time around, so in most encounters, you have to set up your plan and silently perform it. Luckily when you sneak up on your enemies from behind, you can just hit them senseless without wasting any ammo. Extra care must be taken on where to walk. Each step must be slow and silent, such as on the various carpets whilst avoiding the broken glass and water puddles which will quickly give you away even from a distance.

Not to be outdone by the other BioShock games, Episode 2 also has a lockpicking mini-game. And this time it’s great. Each sequence is quick and does not get in the way of your game. It just feels natural, pity it had to reach its full potential after 3 games and several updates.

In the end, the whole game feels like fan service. This update ties up all the loose ends and answers any questions you may have about how the city of Rapture ties in with Columbia. Episode 2 ultimately makes you feel sorry for all the game’s characters and the situation that Rapture’s citizens have to endure.

Burial at Sea Episode 2 is an essential buy if it is the missing part of your BioShock collection. It is a different experience that may drive impatient players away, but on the other hand, it is a welcome change rather than more of the same. The episode is also quite long compared to other downloadable content, and you may need more than one sitting to get to the gruesome end of it.


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