BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds (PC)

Are you adept in an altercation? Skilled in the art of scrap? Prove your worth and earn great reward!

Clash in the Clouds is a BioShock Infinite expansion which uses the base game’s engine to deliver a different experience. Out goes the game’s story, which is replaced this time with hardcore challenges. These challenges come in the shape of four arenas, each one pitting you against 15 waves of enemies.

These levels are not for the faint-hearted, but since you should have already completed the main game the difficulty is justified. You are confronted with constant fighting action, with little pauses to catch your breath between waves.

The aim is to try and achieve the best ranking against your friends. You get points for killing enemies. Die and your score is reset. There are special challenges in each wave called Blue Ribbon Challenges. They start easy but are insane later on. One of the first challenges is to only kill a wave of enemies with the shotgun for example. Completing these challenges is not mandatory but gives you additional cash. Cash to spend on upgrading your weapons and spells.

You get to keep all your upgrades once you obtain them, so eventually, you start faring better against the harder enemies, and so your ranking improves. Any collected cash can also be used in the gallery, where you can unlock mannequins of the main characters, concept art, and music and video samples.

The waves from the first arenas are constructed in a way to get you ready for the final arena. You must learn how to exploit each enemy’s weakness in order to prevail. Once in the final stretch, you have to make use of this experience and even choose the right weapons depending on the type of enemy you are about to encounter. Fail and you will be badly beaten.

In conclusion, this is one of the best add-ons for any game in a long time. It provides a challenge for the hardcore, some unlockables to extend the main game for the fanboys, and additional fighting action for the rest of us.


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