BioShock 2: Minerva's Den (PC)

Subject Sigma is approaching Minerva's Den! He must not reach the Thinker! Detonate the tunnel!

Minerva’s Den is a short sub-story set inside the previously unexplored part of BioShock 2’s version of Rapture. Since it is downloadable content, there are some similarities with the base game. However, Minerva’s Den tries to deliver as different an experience from the main game as possible.

For example, Minerva’s Den itself is the name of the section of Rapture where most of the high-tech advances are made and the surrounding environment reflects this. The story revolves around the invention of the computer, artificial intelligence, and the conflict between Rapture’s finest minds Charles Milton Porter and Reed Wahl. It takes place at the same time as the main story of BioShock 2, but is completely independent from it.

In Minerva’s Den, you also control a different character. You are Subject Sigma, an unknown Big Daddy whose story unfolds as the game progresses along. You have one new weapon and one new plasmid at your disposal. Both of them provide some new gameplay mechanics. The Ion Laser provides precise and continuous pain to your enemies and the Gravity Well plasmid sucks them into oblivion whilst also serving to open up inaccessible areas. A new type of enemy Big Daddy called the Lancer, also has the Ion Laser which he can also use to blind you when overcharging it.

Interspersed with the shooting and the killing, there is still the hacking and the adam gathering sections exactly as in BioShock 2. They serve the same purpose as before, which is to give you the means to improve Subject Sigma’s abilities faster. There’s also the occasional Big Sister encounter, again serving to give you a massive beating and ammo drain so that you can start gathering resources once again.

My main concern with the original BioShock 2 was that the game improved upon BioShock in every aspect apart from the plot, which was too similar to the first game. With Minerva’s Den, the BioShock 2 engine is used to provide a fantastic story with unexpected plot twists and is a welcome chapter in the series.


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