BioShock (PC)

I’m Andrew Ryan and I’m here to ask you a question:
Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?

No, says the man in Washington. It belongs to the poor.
No, says the man in the Vatican. It belongs to God
No, says the man in Moscow. It belongs to everyone.

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose...


A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.

Bioshock is a first-person shooter, again with a silent, faceless protagonist who was travelling on a plane that has just crashed in the sea. There is also a hacking Pipe Mania style mini-game which is optional, but success in solving the puzzles makes your life easier by giving you discounts or allied bots. The game’s setting is inside the underwater city of Rapture. The city is one man’s (Andrew Ryan) utopian dream, built with the purpose of being isolated from the rest of the world and its influence in the late 1950s. So most of the technology and music is from this era.

Ryan’s plans didn’t turn out exactly as planned, however. The introduction of plasmid drugs, as well as other experiments, have pushed the city and its inhabitants into chaos. On the bright side, apart from the usual arsenal, the player can also inject himself with superhuman abilities by making use of plasmids with seemingly no harmful side-effects.

Bioshock plays around with your mind. It tries to scare your socks off, mainly with things you cannot see and definitely attempts to drive you mad with anything you hear. It brings you face to face with little girls (called Little Sisters) imbued high on plasmid energy and forces you to make moral decisions. However, after a certain point, you start getting interested enough to discover the faith that has befallen the various inhabitants of Rapture. You start getting the hang of getting around this world and are free to choose how to upgrade your character depending on your weaknesses.

The game is all about self-discovery and evolving your character in the best way that suits your playing style. It’s not about challenging you, the game will just respawn you in a nearby location without the need to redo any completed progress. Supplies are plentiful, by scavenging items from fallen enemies and even by buying them from vending machines when ammo gets scarce. Each level brings its own theme, there’s a great deal of variance and interesting concepts. Again the enemy bosses are not hard to beat, but each one of them brings his own character and idiosyncrasies.

The game actually gets easier after you manage to defeat the first couple of the Big Daddies protecting the little sisters since your weapons and abilities get better. Beating the enemies with a wrench is just as effective towards the end of the game as it is at the start. All in all, a great game whose story grabs you and doesn’t let go before the credits roll in. If you do want to give you GPU card a run for its money though, you might want to give BioShock Remastered a try. It’s basically the same game with a graphical overhaul.


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