Zuma's Revenge! (PC)

Strange frog, why do you intrude on us? This island is no holiday resort. Five fierce chiefs guard our mysteries!


The original Zuma was the game that invented a new genre of match 3 puzzle games. Due to its popularity it has been copied by a number of other game developers (including myself with Easter Crisis). And some of those actually improved upon the formula, bringing forward the best that the ball-popping action can be. Unfortunately, Zuma’s Revenge came out way after everyone had had enough of this type of game.

As in the original Zuma, you are a frog. Who can shoot coloured balls out of his mouth! Meanwhile a stream of similarly coloured balls are moving along a path towards their doom. And the only way to stop this from happening is to match your current colour with at least another two until no more are left.

The campaign is split into six areas, with a boss fight waiting for you at the end of each one. These boss levels provide a slight diversion, but do not offer that much of a challenge. The campaign lasts around two hours, so Zuma is not a long game by any means. You can then attempt to replay the game in heroic mode, which is more difficult. There are also Ironfrog mode, where you need to beat a gruelling eight levels with only one life, and Challenge, where you compete to get the best score during a set amount of time.

My impression of the game, also compared to its prequel, is that most of the effort has been spent on displaying the game in high resolution and using flashier effects. Both of these were probably unnecessary in making the game any more fun. As a result of this, the gameplay does not feel groundbreaking and is too similar to the first game.


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