I was reading a Wikipedia article recently, which inspired me into preparing something that is a bit different than usual for this month.

Something different as in here is a short game named Highnoon, which is an HTML/Javascript/JQuery rewrite of a 1970 game of the same name. I tried to stay close to the original game as possible, and meant to keep all the original’s interactions intact.

The original Highnoon, was text-based and written in BASIC by Chris Gaylo. In the game the player takes turns with the AI to enter their strategy in order to win the game. My version is still text based, but you can select the options with a mouse-click (or a tap of your finger, depends on the type of device that you are using) instead of typing in the number related to your choice as in the original Highnoon. So, if you were expecting a 3D remake you will not find it here. However you can also download the source code to see an example of how basic logic is done in Javascript. Now get playing Highnoon!

Wild West image by nitch-stock, and is made available through the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.


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