Web Design Ledger (WDL)

If you need ideas on the visual design of your current project, then this is the site to visit. There’s new content every day, with articles mostly listing the best tools, libraries, freebies, tips and other designers’ examples.

What’s good about WDL is that it does not force you to read long articles, offering quick access to the content that you want. So be sure to spend five minutes each day on this website, and you could find the pearl that will turn your design from good to great.

Smashing Magazine

I used to like the old Smashing site more, as it provided more tutorials and less talk about designers’ existentialism. However it’s still a great source today, and it’s where all the hip web designers go and meet.

If you want to stay on the forefront of web design, then you need this site.

MSDN Magazine

Not strictly for web developers only, this website contains a lot of information about all things Microsoft and beyond. Especially if you are a developer for sites hosted on Windows servers, MSDN magazine is an essential read.

Inside a monthly issue, the MSDN site has a number of articles with something for everyone. From showing how to use the languages (C#, VB, ASP.NET, C++, and other lesser known ones), to tutorials, to lessons on how the languages work under the bonnet, to interacting with other languages, to a fun project each month, and also getting to know what Microsoft is planning to add to your favourite language in the near future.

If you are coding with Microsoft technologies, this is your essential stop every morning during coffee.

Jon Galloway’s blog

Jon Galloway’s blog may be a bit too technically detailed for some, but for me it is a goldmine of information. Jon knows a thing or two about ASP.Net MVC and I have found the code in these pages (as well as in his MVC book) invaluable whilst I was working on my projects.

Free Computer Books, Programming eBooks and IT Books

This website is the mother lode of free ebooks, and it is totally legit. The website authors have done the job of looking for free books for you. These free books can be previews of upcoming books (where you have the possibility to try and provide corrections), full versions of books which the authors have gently agreed to make available for free under some offer, or books that have been release under the GNU or similar license.

With a new ebook almost every day(not counting some occasional updates with over 100 books), you have plenty of information to sink your teeth into.

Think Quarterly

Think Quarterly is an online magazine from Google about the future of the Internet.

What? I thought you already clicked the link and went away to Think’s website, but now I see you’re still not convinced. Well, in Google’s own words, this magazine does not even try to teach you what has already been done, but provides bleeding edge information about how the next round of technological innovations will be shaped. If that is not important to help you make your website ready for the next step, I don’t know what is.

Note & Point

Unlike WDL, Note & Point requires you to dedicate some time to read its contents. Having said that, you do have time to consume the content between posts. The name says it all (once you know that Note refers to keynote presentations, and Point refers to Powerpoint), here you will find a bunch of presentations.

The problem with this kind of content is that sometimes a presentation without a presenter does not make sense at all as you do not get the explanation behind the slide. However, there are always snippets of new information that you haven’t heard of yet, or how to approach something in a different way that you usually do.


Freepik is a search engine for free images that you can use on your website (and banners, presentations, magazines and advertising) without requiring any sort of permission for most of them. The images can either be bitmaps, vectors or photoshop files, so you have some choice. And you cannot beat free (as in beer).


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