The Illustrated Story of Golden Sun (Gameboy Advance)

“Isaac, wake up!”

“Please, dear, wake up!”

“The Mt. Aleph Boulder is going to fall.”

Game Highlights

Getting Through a Stormy Morning

Isaac is dragged down from bed one morning as his mother Dora tells him with great apprehension that the huge boulder atop of Mt. Aleph is going to fall down on the village of Vale. So he had better hurry up! To make things worse, it is raining outside, so the villagers must be more careful when running away on the cliffs. On his way to a safe place in the plaza, Isaac meets his best friend Garet who is also trying to make his way to a safe distance, but he tries to drag all his belongings with him. Isaac convinces him to dump everything and run, but on their way they get attacked by vermin.

Meanwhile the young Felix falls in the river as his sister Jenna watches. The villagers attempt to pull him back up, but the current is too strong and the boulder falls right on top of a nearby cabin, with Felix and his parents nowhere to be found. On their way to find help, Isaac and Garet encounter two shady characters coming out of Sol Sanctum talking like they are the ones responsible for all this turmoil. The first one, a female, casts a Flare Wall spell on the young boys, leaving them for dead whilst her male partner observes.

Desecrating the Sanctum

Three years later and the villagers get back to their daily lives. However Isaac’s father, as well as Jenna’s parents and brother Felix were never found. Isaac, Garet and Jenna are not happy to just lead their daily normal lives however, and as alchemy adepts they have been studying the use of Psynergy ever since the incident. Today they have decided to go visit Mt.Aleph with the elder Kraden. On their way to Kraden’s hut they encounter the mysterious couple again, who now introduce themselves as Saturos and Menardi. This time however, they just let the kids carry on their adventure.

Kraden tells the kids that the couple have also come to visit him, revealing that they know some information about the holy Sol Sanctum, which no one is permitted to visit. However Kraden’s curiosity is piqued, and now wants them to accompany him inside the Sanctum! They agree, and once there Kraden hints at possible hidden passages that may lead them to the inner sanctum. So the three adventurers go around the place, activating any mechanism that might reveal the hidden paths. At first they think that they have found the Sol room, but nearby they also find the Luna room which is somehow connected too. Kraden and his pupils must solve the mystery of how to activate the last doorway without activating any traps.

The Start of A Quest

A portal appears in Sol Sanctum, and Isaac goes through, soon followed by the others. To Kraden’s amazement they are now on a floating island, surrounded by smaller pieces of floating rocks with what look like four statues on top holding some precious stones. Kraden identifies the stones as the Elemental Stars, the source of all matter. Each of the four stars is the essence of one of the elements of fire, water, earth and wind. As Isaac and Garet go to gather the stars, Kraden and Jenna are surprised and held hostage by Saturos, Menardi and a masked man, who in turn order them to yield the stones. The masked man argues for the safety of the kids and Saturos promises their safety in return for the stones. As Kraden asks if this promise will be kept, the masked man takes off his mask. To everyone’s surprise, behind the mask is the face of none other than Felix, who tells Jenna that he was saved and brought up by Saturos and Menardi, but he will now vouch for their safety.

As Isaac picks up the last stone, the ground starts shaking again and the Wise One, the floating eye guardian of the stars, appears in front of them. Saturos and the others flee, leaving the Mars star in Isaac’s hands, but taking Kraden and Jenna as hostages. So if in the highly improbable case that Isaac and Garet make it out alive, they can go and exchange the hostages for the stone. The Wise One however tells the two kids that they must run out of the place with the remaining star, because the volcano is going to erupt soon due to the instability caused by moving the stones. He tells them to keep the stone from the bad guys, because if the four lighthouses are lit by the four stars then the whole world will be at risk as their force is unleashed. The floating eye then teleports the kids to safety. As they go back in the village, the Great Healer of the village summons the Wise One to ask him what needs to be done, and he ends up asking Isaac if he is up to the challenge of getting back the stones before it is too late. Naturally, Isaac accepts, and Garet follows. The next morning they leave Vale to start their quest.

To Catch A Thief

After walking a bit away from the village, the kids meet Flint, a Venus Djinni. Flint wants to go with them so that he can find his comrades, who got separated by the volcanic eruption. Flint also shows Isaac how his powers can be used in conjunction with their Psynergy to boost their own powers and call upon him in battle. The first town that they visit is called Vault. As the two adepts enter the town, they meet a caravan hurriedly going the other way in the direction of Kalay. The owner of the caravan is a wealthy merchant called Master Hammet, and he is scared of the rocks falling from the sky due to the volcanic eruption. However, Hammet leaves his apprentice Ivan behind, looking for a rod that was stolen.

Isaac learns that Saturos and company passed through the town. He has to follow them, but Isaac and Garet decide to help Ivan after they find out that he can also use Psynergy and is actually able to read their minds. Together, they find the three thieves, arrest them, and get Hammet’s rod back. However the thieves also tell them that, because Hammett could not travel south to Kalay, his caravan went north to Lunpa, a town of thieves led by Dodonpa, the evilest thief of all. Ivan decides to go to his rescue.

The Curse of Kolima Forest

With the entry to Lunpa heavily guarded, Ivan has no other choice than to turn back. He is just in time to aid Isaac and Garet to get through Goma cave with his whirlwind power. Then it’s off to the town of Bilibin. Here they learn that everyone in the town of Kolima has been cursed and turned into a tree, after felling the trees in the nearby forest. They also find out that the lighthouse of water is located in Imil, and that a group of people were headed that way. To get there, they must pass through Kolima however, but lord McCoy of Bilibin first gives them permission to go and try to remove the curse only to forbid them from going after having second thoughts due to their age. The trio go to the forest anyway, and are soon exposed to the strange powder that turns people into trees. Their Psynergy shields them from the curse however, so they can go deeper into the forest.

The forest (and the curse) is controlled by the tree king Tret, who is enraged because the people of Kolima are causing the forest to die. Laurel, another tree spirit, suggests to Isaac that he should try to reawaken Tret’s good side in order to save the people. The adepts try to get to Tret’s heart by climbing on the large tree’s branches and then dropping inside its hollow trunk from the top. On one of the branches, they encounter a Jupiter Djinni, which they capture. Then they manage to defeat the evil side of Tret, but the people of Kolima still cannot be saved as Tret is too weak to undo the curse. Unable to heal Tret, Isaac decides to go to Imil, and see what Saturos and his group are up to.

Finally, A Healer Joins

In Imil, an epidemic has broken and everyone is feeling sick. Isaac and his friends notice a girl named Mia using Psynergy whilst healing the townspeople. Suddenly, Mia feels that something is wrong in the nearby lighthouse and she rushes off to find out what it is. Isaac, Garet and Ivan tag along to help her get in. After making their way through the secret passages, they find Menardi and Felix waiting for them at the top, still holding their captives. However, the lighthouse has already been lit.

Saturos appears soon after, and convinces his accomplices to flee whilst he prepares to give a lesson to the novices. However, the power of the newly lit lighthouse has weakened him so much that it is easy for them to fight back. Saturos is knocked off his feet, but Alex, who is his accomplice and an old acquaintance of Mia, comes to his aid and warps him to safety before the kids can search him for the elemental stones. At this point, Mia decides to join the group since the lighthouse will now heal the people of Imil without requiring her presence.

Beyond the forest

Isaac takes the healing water from the lighthouse and travels back to sprinkle it on Tret. With his health back, the huge tree spirit removes the curse over Kolima’s people, but he also warns the young adepts that his fury was triggered by the Psynergy Stones that were thrown there during the eruption. Realising that other trouble may have been caused elsewhere, a quest to heal other parts of the land begins. Across the Kolima bridge, the first stop is a visit to the Fuchin Temple where the sage Nyunpa challenges them to take the trials in the waterfall grotto, which they do with success. In return, Isaac gets to learn the secret of Ki.

Isaac uses his new force of Ki to get his team through the enchanted Mogall forest. Beyond the forest are the villages of Xian and Mt. Altin. It is the Altin mines that attract the interest of Isaac as the village and the mines are flooded by water-spitting monsters. Our heroes step into the mines to investigate. What they find out is that in truth, the monsters are Altin’s guardian statues turned bad, but the adepts have no other choice other than to attack the monsters. Once the mines are cleared from the flood, Isaac and his mates are free to go through them in order to reach the temple of Lama. There Ivan meets master Hama, who teaches him Reveal, the power to see hidden objects. Ivan has a feeling that Hama looks familiar, but he decides to move on their mission, hoping to meet her when everything has settled down. Now they are ready to pass through the Lamakan desert.

Ivan Discovers His Origins

The desert proves to be too hot for the adepts, but with Ivan’s newly found powers they manage to just get through, naturally after defeating the huge manticore that is blocking the exit. Kalay lies beyond the desert, the village of master Hammet and Ivan. Here Ivan introduces his companions to Lady Layana, which as Hammet’s wife is running the business until his return. Lady Layana has already sent the ransom money to Lunpa in order to free her husband, but Hammet is nowhere to be seen. Although suspecting that her husband will never be released, she refrains to send her soldiers to his aid since he is still safe for now. And one more thing, the Lady recalls how a younger Hammet had met a Jupiter adept who had just saved his life. The adept entrusted Hammet to take care of a small child after being given some business advice. He was also told of a prophecy and that when the time comes the child must use the Shaman’s rod to find a very important thing. That child was Ivan.

Now Isaac knows that there is a thing that they must find in order to continue their quest, although he has no idea what it might be. The new place that the adepts can go to is Tolbi, but the silk road that can take them there is currently impassable because of a landslide. So they can only get there by taking the boat trip over the Karagol sea. The captain of the boat finds the closure of the silk road as an opportunity to make money, but his crew make all sorts of excuses in order to delay the boat’s departure due to the monsters that have been sighted after the eruption. Finally, after a lot of arguments, the boat sets sail after Isaac and his mates offer their help to protect the boat and its passengers, who themselves had to promise to row the boat if need be.

Where is Babi?

The boat gets attacked by a number of minor beasts as well as the Kraken, but eventually the ship and its passengers make it through to Tolbi in one piece. The main attraction there is the Colosso, a yearly challenge where the best fighters from around the world gather to show off their strength. The organizer of this event (as well as the construction of a new lighthouse) is Babi, but as the trials before the main event start, he is nowhere to be seen. His assistant Iodem has an idea of where Babi might be, but he still cannot find him. Isaac also finds out that Kraden was once Babi’s favorite scholar.

The adepts go to Altmiller cave hoping to find Babi. At the entrance they find an invisible man who asks them for help, as he cannot move without taking his mystic draught. After discussing whether to help him or not, Isaac and his friends start the search for the draught. They find it, return it to him, and then the man is revealed by Ivan to be Babi, the ruler of Tolbi. He tells them that he knows how to use the power of the Lemurians, an ancient civilization. Babi also invites them to enter the Colosso finals, so he can observe their great power. Isaac enters the ring to fight the best warriors with a little help from his friends on the side, and he wins in all the rounds to become the new champion. After defeating Navampa, the last warrior, Isaac falls exhausted to the ground.

Another Lighthouse

It is several days later when Isaac wakes up again, and he is rushed to meet Babi. The kids would never have expected to hear from such a noble-looking man like Babi that his goal is to live forever by using the power of the Lemurian draught that has already kept him alive for over a hundred years. The problem is that the draught is almost finished, and Babi wants them to aid him in finding Lemuria. He also reveals that he has built a lighthouse in order to be able to look far away beyond the sea and spot Lemuria. Iodem then agrees to travel together with the adepts towards Babi Lighthouse whilst also looking for a special girl named Sheba, whilst Babi stays in bed to conserve his energies. The problem is that they have to go through the Suhalla desert, which is usually safe, but lately sand storms and monsters started appearing in it.

After getting blown away by the desert winds near Suhalla, Isaac and his companions travel to Lunpa in order to attempt to free Hammet. They use Babi’s cloak ball to sneak in the Lunpa fortress, end eventually also manage to sneak the merchant back out after giving Dodonpa a lesson he won’t forget any time soon. After returning to Kalay, Hammet tells Ivan that his instruction was to take the Shaman’s Rod to Hesperia. The only way to get there is by going on further to Babi lighthouse, so Isaac and his companions finally decide to cross the Suhalla desert, although they take a slight detour to Crossbone Isle.

Catching Up On The Villains

After making it through the desert, the group find the road to Venus lighthouse sprawled with Tolbian soldiers lying around holding their beaten wounds. Venus lighthouse was opened by the assailants, and one of the scholars inside overheard Kraden comment that this was not the true entrance to the lighthouse. So Isaac and the others carry on to Lalivero with the intent to reach Babi lighthouse. Upon arriving in Lalivero, Iodem learns that Sheba is also accompanying Felix, who is now interested in the ancient ruins beneath Babi lighthouse.

The townsfolk of Lalivero reveal that Sheba has unique powers and are surprised that she was taken as hostage. Sheba is special to them as she originally came falling down from the sky and they embraced her like a gift. Faran, her custodian, follows the captors to the ruins beneath the lighthouse, and Isaac with his group follow him as soon as they get to know about it. They find Faran trying to open a door that doesn’t seem to budge. Ivan senses that it is controlled with Psynergy and so opens the door easily. The adepts tells the others to stay behind whilst they enter Venus lighthouse from this secret entrance, proceeding through the typical traps until they reach the top.

The Ultimate Standoff

At the top of the lighthouse, Isaac and his party watch quietly as Saturos and Menardi start an argument with Felix, who wants to take Sheba to a safe distance before the lighthouse is lit. However Saturos and Menardi insist that they need to keep a close watch over her because she is essential for them to make it inside Jupiter lighthouse, which is the next one to be lit. Garet suggests that they take this opportunity to try and stop the lighthouse from being lit. Saturos proposes a deal to Isaac, to yield the Rod of Hesperia (which will enable him to reach Jupiter lighthouse) in exchange for the safety of Sheba. Ivan doesn’t think twice before he gives the rod to Felix, but as Sheba starts walking towards Isaac, Saturos says that they have misunderstood his proposal as he never said that he would let Sheba free, only to keep her from harm. So a fight ensues with Isaac’s party on one side and Saturos and Menardi on the other.

After an animated fight and a barrage of Psynergy spells on both sides with all of the four elements, Saturos and Menardi end up lying and twitching on the floor. Mia immediately tries to take Sheba away, but Felix stops her attempt. In so doing, he gains enough time for Saturos to stand on his knees and throw the elemental star into the lighthouse. With the lighthouse lit, Saturos and Menardi regain their strength. This time they encourage Felix to take Sheba away to their ship. After he leaves, Saturos and Menardi turn their attention to Isaac and his companions again. This time they are going to unleash all of their combined power, which they do by fusing themselves together into a two-headed dragon.

The Dragon and The Lighthouse

With Felix running away and death by dragon looming close, Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia prepare themselves for the ultimate fight. They manage to withstand the heavy fiery attacks and in the end manage to overcome their opponents. The incredulous Saturos and Menardi fall back to their demise through the lighthouse’s internal shaft. Our heroes are still left disappointed, since the lighthouse has been lit just the same and Sheba is still held by Felix. Felix however reappears soon after as he has come back to see the outcome of the fight that has just ended. Felix still wants to carry on the mission of his fallen comrades, but he is not prepared to fight just now. Mia tries to convince him that with Saturos and Menardi gone, he does not need to go on with this craziness, but his intentions do not change.

As soon as Isaac and his friends try to follow Felix, a flash of light comes up through the lighthouse, cracking it in half with Felix and Sheba out of reach. Unfortunately, whilst the lighthouse is shaking, Sheba misplaces her foot beyond the edge and is now hanging from the top of the lighthouse. Felix tries to help her, but she does not have the strength to hold for long and falls down. Felix immediately jumps after her in a desperate attempt to save her. At that very moment, a huge wave splashes up from beyond, catching Sheba and Felix before the lighthouse turns back to its normal wholeness. After Isaac and the rest of his party return to Lalivero, they set out to look for Jenna while Faran is looking for Sheba, but neither one of them makes any progress. Idejima, the place where Felix’s ship was moored, became separated from the mainland following the lighthouse tremors. The hope is that the captives on the ship are still alive somewhere and someday they will be found.

The Search for Jenna Continues

Iodem calls the adepts to wait for him because he has something important to tell them. He knows that the search for Jenna is their highest priority, but he also reminds them of the mission to find Lemuria. Iodem gives them the Black Orb and tells them where Babi’s ship is kept. Isaac quickly leads the others to the Lemurian ship and prepares to set sail on a new adventure.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Kraden are drifting away on a floating piece of land, wondering when will they get back home and rejoin their friends. Alex calls them to reveal the two new visitors that have been washed ashore. They are none other than Felix and Sheba.


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