The Illustrated Story of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (Playstation)

In an ancient era, there was a time when strength ruled the world. It was an era where evil reigned with a knowledge of iron. An era called Zeteginea.

Game Highlights

Underground Meeting

A Band of young Walstanian fighters gathers together, with the common goal of putting an end to the war which has rid them from living normal lives. At the start of the story, they meet another faction whose leader, Lans Hamilton, tells them that he and his men have been exiled from Zenobia and are now traveling in Valeria looking for work as mercenaries.

One For All, All For One

Together they plan to rescue the Walstanian king, Duke Ronway from prison. After successfully returning home with their royal leader, our heroes get declared as official knights of the Liberation Army, where they will help the other knights in the war against the Gargastan army and Cardinal Barbatos.

Negotiations With The Enemy

Among the errands that Duke Ronway prepares for the young soldiers, he sends them East to negotiate a no attack treaty with the old enemies from Bacrum so that he will not have to fight a war on two fronts. The Dark Knight Lans Tartare greets our heroes' entourage (consisting of Denim, Kachua, Vice and Leonard) and tells them that Bacrum and their king Branta have absolutely no intention of getting involved in any war.

Massacre In Baramus

In the process of getting the better of the Gargastan army, the Walstanianians visit Baramus in order to incite the population to revolt against the Cardinal and join their ranks instead. When it is evident that no one is interested in the revolt, Leonard tells Denim that the Duke had suspected this and that the only way that people will revolt is to destroy their villages and make it appear that the Cardinal did it. After arguing about it, Denim decides to obey the order and massacre his own people. However, Vice does not want anything to do with this and leaves the party.

Defeated at Swanzi

At first, the Duke's plan pays off and the Liberation army has grown enough to invade the Cardinal's lands. However, Vice and his followers start spreading the truth about Baramus and while Denim is moving towards Barbatos, the Walstanian army gets defeated at Swanzi. Denim and his sister Kachua plan their retreat via the sea.

Duke Ronway Gets It

By now Duke Ronway has started to lose his grip on the strategy to adopt. He even suggests an alliance with Bacrum! Leonard convinces Denim that the Duke must be taken care of. While the Duke's castle falls down to the Liberation Army's attack, Leonard assassinates the Duke and gives the leadership to Denim.

Barbatos Defeated

As the new Walstanian leader, Denim is busy repelling the Gargastan attack. Although not wanting to interfere with the war, the Roslolians start to take an interest in our heroes after their leader Lans had met them in Bacrum. Denim moves onwards, joined by Jenounes and other heroes like Canopus and later also by Vice. Together they witness the Cardinal's suicide after successfully invading his castle.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

As Denim is busily reckoning the outcome of the war, the turning event of the story happens not far away from him. Lans Tartare stealthily meets Kachua and tells her that she is in truth princess Bersalia, daughter of King Dolgare, leader over all of Valeria. He convinces Kachua by showing her an amulet. Lans takes the princess with him, away from Denim and Walsta.

Searching For Kachua

While Lans is away and cannot interfere, Branta, the leader of Bacrum takes the opportunity to attack. However the Walstanian army keeps growing stronger and moves on towards Fiduc castle. There Denim meets Kachua, but she flees away from him, confirming that the word about her lineage was true.

Pursuit of The Truth

Kachua gets crowned as Queen of Valeria. Denim goes to visit his father who sadly confirms the story of Kachua. In his dying words he says however that Kachua is not going to be a happy queen, but that instead she is being used by the Roslolians because only she can break the seal to King Dolgare's treasure.

Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction

While on his way to find the priest Moruba as directed by his father, Denim meets Olivia, a priestess of the Filaha Order. She tells him that the person he is fighting against is in fact his uncle Branta and that Denim is originally from Bacrum, the nation that he is trying to invade!

The Queen Is Dead

After coming to terms with his origin, Denim goes to visit the high priest Moruba and later finds out where Kachua is being kept. He goes to save her, but by the time that Denim has gone far enough to embrace his sister once again, Kachua has already had enough of everyone using her and makes up her mind to kill herself.

Stealing The Sword To Break The Seal

Enraged by the death of his beloved sister, Denim pursues the Dark Knights to get his revenge, however Branta imprisons the Dark Knights himself before Denim arrives. Aided by traitors, he takes the sword Brunhild from the Dark Knight, when he found out that said sword can be used just as effectively to open the late king's seal.

Seeking The Sword

Warren tells Denim about Brunhild which is also the true reason why the Zenobians have come to Valeria. Denim accepts to help the Zenobians to get their sword back and together they go to Eden to reclaim it.


After fighting countless battles inside Eden, our heroes come face to face with the undead Dolgare. Although they defeat him, the seal still gets broken and Warren sacrifices himself to get everyone out of Eden which by now is collapsing down. In the ending sequence, Denim is crowned as the new King of Valeria, but after his encouraging speech an intruder takes a shot at him. It is unkown whether our hero Denim has survived or not, but this story lives on in history, now become known as the war of Heigm.

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