The Illustrated Story of Wings (Amiga 500/600/1200)

Take to the skies!

Relive the action, glory and seat of the pants daring of a WWI Allied fighter pilot! You'll strafe Hun armies, bomb enemy aerodromes and match wits against deadly Aces in heart stopping dogfights, the loser going down in flames... without a parachute!

More than just a simulator, Wings features genuine arcade action and an emotion packed role-playing experience. Wings is the easy to plan air combat simulation you've been waiting for... no complicated keyboard commands. Just fly and shoot!

Game Highlights

Fresh Out of Flight School

Pilots must first earn their wings before they are able to join the fight, so first step is to pass the test which consists of a simple bombing run. Our hero gets transferred to his squadron in Luxeuil on March 2nd, 1916 eager for his first mission after flight school. There he meets Colonel Farrah, his superior who gives him the task of keeping the flight journal. Luckily for us, this gives us the chance to better understand the conditions and feelings of those fighters who have participated in the First World War.

In Honour of Sgt. Mackey

Seven days after arriving, we get a chance to see the first strafing run of our favourite squadron. When not flying, pilots try to make friends with each other, find ways to pass the time quicker and have fun so in this way the war seems less harsh. Meanwhile our top fighter gets declared an ace after having five kills under his belt.

Nail That Fokker!

The war starts to get cold and nasty. Up in the sky all looks beautiful, but the fighting down below is horrible. Our guys of the 56th Squadron at first have some fun beating a trio of Fokkers. Alas, soon after they have to defend their base from being bombed, although fortunately they were informed of the imminent attack by a mole infiltrated inside the huns' quarters.

Taste of Victory

The Allies' top officialls have started their strategy to target key areas of the enemies' life blood. Fortunately, the Russians have decided to join the fray and help the Allies to mow down the Huns from another flank. And again, our pilot is getting experience and gets promoted to First Lieutenant.

Farrah's Birthday

The guys start preparing to organise a birthay party for the Colonel. After failing to find him a girl ready to do him a stripping routine at their base, they realise that Farrah is really a family man who wants to go back living his own life just as they do. Only now our aces are getting better at shooting down their targets, so the fun seems to have just started!

Making The Headlines

18th June 1916: The German ace, Max Immelman is shot down, showing everyone that even the greatest can lose their life in war. While the Germans give their respects to Immelman, our heroes can take a two week vacation in Paris. On their return, the Allies start the Somme Offensive, and the 56th get a supply of bombs with which they are able to destroy some enemy aerodromes. Somehow while they get the better over the Germans very easily, trouble seems to be eerily looming around the corner all the same.

Farrah Pushes His Aces Forward

After a barrage of successful bombing runs and a promotion to Captain, our hero prepares to leave Verdun to head for the Somme. But still, home sickness starts taking its toll on the soldiers fighting both in the trenches and in the air. Luckily for all, it is also the time of the arrival of Holy Joe who helps to improve morale throughout the squadron! In the news, Romania and Italy are now participating in the war on the same side as the Allies.

Worthy German Leaders

The other German hero, Oswald Boelcke dies, but not before having prepared the way for the hardest newcomer of them all, a guy named Manfred von Richthofen. Dogfighting has become really difficult for the Allies at this point, and it takes all the skill and courage from the best pilots just for staying alive. We also meet Der Rittmeister, a rouge German pilot intent on killing everyone that gets in his way, Red Cross units included. Woodrow Wilson, the president that has kept America out of war, gets re-elected. Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary dies, and David Lloyd Gerorge gets appointed British Prime Minister. But everyone hopes that this is the last Christmas that has to be spent fighting. At least our guys at the 56th sucessfully nail Der Rittmeister and give the Colonel one hell of a present.

The End Approaches

Our hotshot hero gets lucky. In the same week he conquers a fine lady while taking a rest in London and also gets promoted to Lt. Colonel. Even luckier, the 56th get a chance to hunt Baron von Richthofen and his Flying Circus when he starts flying nearby.The political scene in Russia is in turmoil, while in the United States, president Wilson ponders over a possible American participation in the war. His final decision to declare war against Germany arrives just in time however, as the odds in the skies have tipped heavily in favour of the Axis by now.

Allied Crisis

Manfred von Richthofen is wounded, but there's plenty of life in him yet! Upon his return, his Flying Circus start flying the deadly triplanes, and he has now become known as the Red Baron. It gets worse for our allied pilots who find themselves flying old crates bound to break up at anytime. They cannot even complain with Farrah who is always snappy after his wife leaves him for good due to his love for the air force. Just before another Christmas in the battlefield, Holy Joe assumes command temporarily until Farrah comes back with renewed fierceness to guide his squadron from the new base at Rheims.

Red Baron Down

Just while moving to the new base, suspicions start arising that there is a traitor inside the squadron. It seems that the enemy is prepared for every move that the 56th makes. They feel stupid when it is found out that they were not using secure communications and were sending all their moves to the Germans via radio. After our heroes take a break from being bombed before their every move, the Germans start the Ludendorff offensive. However, a Canadian pilot named Roy Brown succeeds to bring down the Red Baron. Field victory seems also possible now for the allies as a great number of American infantry have joined the war in the trenches.

Final Flights

First Bulgaria, and then Turkey and Austria succumb to the renewed power of the allies. Just while Farrah deservedly gets promoted to VG, Germany finally surrenders. It has taken 243 flight missions, but the war to end all wars is over, and soldiers and citizens all over Europe rejoice as the heroes of the 56th fly by.


Comment by pat on
magnifique jeu peut on le trouver en version pc
Comment by Gleno on
I used to keep track of some of the names on the squadron roster as they tallied up more missions and got a few kills. For some reason Gary M. Starkey comes to mind. Especially when they were up in the air with me. Even though they were just names I'd feel genuine sorrow when they died!
Comment by Goran on
I spent many intense hours honing my skills as a WW1 ace. My crowning glory was successfully finishing the mission that pitted me all alone against ten german planes. It's amazing that a game so simple could fascinate you for such a long time. When the machine gun would jam I would almost throw my joystick through the monitor! Ah the memories :)

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