The Illustrated Story of Dangerous Streets (Amiga CD32)

After reaching Top Grade at Shotokan street fighting, he then turned his attention to Ninsitsu. A resident DJ at the roughest night spot in Italy, few people disagree with his selection of music, which is a matter of fact terrible.

Game Highlights

Here Comes A New Challenger

Sgiosa Capeli steps out of the disco. The tall Italian searches the dangerous streets for someone to fight with. He found out that the tournament has begun and he must participate. In the sunny street below a software house's building, one lonely woman stands by the fountain enjoying the cold water. Luisa is the first challenger, although she should have considered taking her bikini to a nice day at the beach instead.

Backstreet Boys

Further down the road, the urban surroundings are even more desolate. This is a common place for truck drivers to gather, and Pinen is just one driver that is yearning for a brawl. He gets what he asked for as Sgiosa turns defense into attack and gives this fat bully driver a lesson that he's not going to forget anytime soon.

Self Inflicted Pain

The most difficult fight for the fiery Italian is when he must retrace his steps and fight against his own self. Fighting against an enemy that knows all your strengths and weaknesses and maybe also your thoughts is not easy at all. Still the determined fighter just barely makes it alive.

A Kick In The Face

There is one more enemy in the city. Tony is an enemy who has the same origins as Sgiosa Capeli and can resort to a nifty trick or two. All his dark magick tricks amount to nothing though as he still gets the DJ treatment of having his face kicked down to the floor.

Wild Things Run In The Forest

Mr. Capeli learns about another feared combatant running wild inside the forest, so he goes there to find him. He is faced by Macalosh, an ugly Native American who can transform into an enormous beast. However, once again his thunder clap attack is too weak to defeat the disco pulse.

A Veil of Mystery

Just behind the forest lies an old castle, and as the Italian traveller approaches it, another slick fighter named Ombra steps out to stop him. He may hide in the shadows all day, but in the end Ombra has to run for his life as Sgiosa keeps walking victoriously forward on top of the castle ramparts.

Jump Around The Castle

The castle is inhabited by even more nefarious creatures though as Capeli soon finds out when he gets attacked by Keo. As well as using spring enabled shoes to gain an advantage, Keo can also shape shift into the moat monster and throw himself at his adversaries. Sgiosa is not impressed, he simply punches his way to victory against every moat monster attack.

Say Cheez

Back in the forest, it's Sgiosa Capeli vs Lola. Two hot headed examples of the kind of people that you can find on these dangerous streets. There's one difference; it's man against woman. Lola may be a leggy model, but she's also a good fighter that can throw the occasional fireball.

Fighting fire with fire, Sgiosa achieves victory to overcome his last enemy and establish himself as the baddest DJ on the streets of Italy. He's a fair winner though, as he invites everyone for a photo and pays for a first round of beers so that the celebrations can begin. Hurrah!

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Undiscutately the best game ever. Even better that Sh. of the beast and Tarrichein

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