The Illustrated Story of Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior (Amiga 500/600/1200)

It's out to get you..!

The 'monster' has been released..!

Street Fighter 2 brings the world's best Street Fighters together to find the undisputed champion.

The time has come for you to flex those biceps and stand strong against the onslaught from the competition.

Have you got what it takes to become the ultimate World Warrior?

Game Highlights

National Challenge

Ryu has always wanted to prove that he is the best world warrior, and now he is doing it by embarking on a long voyage and beating everyone that comes to challenge his claim. But, before walking around the planet barefoot, he goes to test his skills against another great fighter from his homeland. So Ryu crosses Japan to meet Honda, a sumo wrestler with very fast fists who teaches Ryu a lesson to not be so overconfident.

Seeking Fame

Still feeling ready to take on the world, Ryu travels to Russia looking for Zangief. This huge Russian fighter is old fashioned, throws no projectiles and used to grapple with bears. But his strength is not enough to challenge Ryu's fighting stlye. After two knockouts, the first win of the tournament comes to the Japanese traveller.

Keep On Winning

The next fight takes us to China, where Ryu is confronted by Chun Li. Altough this woman has a pair of strong thighs able to deliver powerful kicks, Ryu starts to show some pyrotechnic tricks that tip the match to his side. After a long voyage to America to look for his old friend Ken, Ryu is thrown off his course by an American soldier named Guile. This time the match is quickly won, even if Guile gave out a better challenge during the second fight.

Bizarre Warriors

Changing his destination, Ryu ventures down the American continent and ends up in a Brasilian jungle where he is attacked by a strange beast called Blanka. The aggressiveness of this crazy human lookalike is notable, but even his ability to produce electricity is not enough to win against Ryu. The only encounter that Ryu finds on his way to India is a car blocking his way, which he totally proceeds to trash in a fit of rage. Once in India, it is clear that the Japanese warrior was just looking to pick up a fight with a famous yoga master as he heads straight to challenge Dhalsim. The Indian master is seeking revenge for his defeat by Ryu in a previous encounter, but again his tricks fail to achive the desired result.

Old Memories

Back in Japan, it's Ryu that is seeking revenge for the earlier encounter with Honda. This time he succeeds to slap him around the stage until the sumo warrior can take no more. Leaving his country for one last time, Ryu finally arrives in America once again to measure himself with his old friend Ken. Since both warriors were trained by the same master, their similar techniques produce a spectacularly close match. But in the end of the fight, it is Ken that lies on the floor as Ryu starts leaving the dock to search for his next opponent.

Raising The Bar

After a brief training session breaking barrels, Ryu makes his way to Las Vegas where he meets Balrog. As one of Bison's henchmen, Balrog is stronger than any of the competition that Ryu has met so far. In fact, Balrog wins the first round of the match. But Ryu, sensing the ultimate fight so near, gathers his anger and manages to beat his opponent soundly. The next fight in Spain against masked fighter Vega is even harder for Ryu. Backed by a supporting crowd, Bison's second henchman Vega is quick to take advantage of his surroundings to inflict larger damage. Staying calm as usual, Ryu finds out that by cornering his opponent he can get the upper hand and advance to the last hurdle before encountering Bison.

Forever Enemies

Once Ryu sets foot in Thailand, Sagat comes to greet him. Bison's second in command has a grudge against the Japanese fighter, the large scar on his chest is the result of a previous encounter with Ryu. Although the huge Thailandian monk seems to be very afraid of Ryu so much that he tries to defend himself continuously, he also fights savagely. However, Ryu makes use of his agility to fend off Sagat's blows and shows him that his technique will always be better. Apparently, the secret to win against Ryu is to first defeat his master, Sheng Long.

Overcoming The Impossible

All that stands now between Ryu and his claim to fame is the mysterious M. Bison. He is a very powerful man, with moves that seem inhuman. Ryu regretfully realises that his path has brought him to fight against a monster and winning is nearly impossible. When he tries to punch, Bison shifts his bulging body magically somewhere else. When facing him, he suddenly gets kicked from behind from his opponent. And when Bison changes his body into a blue flaming torch, he becomes invincible. Ryu tries to fight, but against this phenomenon he takes more blows than he gives. As he lies on the floor, Bison decides to give him another chance, to fight or get lost. Ryu stands up and gathers all his powers to kick, punch and fireball his way to victory until Bison can take no more. Finally Ryu has reached his objective. As he walks off into the sunset, the whole world gathers around him to congratulate Ryu for the great warrior he is.


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