The Illustrated Story of Worms 3D (PC)

In true Worms fashion, the off-the-wall humor and bizarre weapons and strategy now explode in full 3D. Teams of worms battle across hilarious, randomly-generated landscapes with an arsenal of both devastating and bizarre weapons. Whether you lob a Banana Bomb or sick a Mad Cow on your slimy opponents, it's up to you to judge the trajectory and strength of your shots to inflict the most damage. With a wide variety of tactics and ever-changing landscapes, each battle promises to be a unique fight for dominance in the world of Worms 3D!

Game Highlights

Getting Ready For Action

The first task is to setup a military team. Luckily I happen to know some hard-as-nails pink soldiers who are willing to join up. However they must also have to finish the basic field training in the Atlantis facility, then on to the garbage dump, inside Chateau Assassin, against the Mighty Kong, in the chemistry lab and finally on a quiet golf course for some target practice. On their first official mission, our tough Rebelz head for Wormaha Beach on D-Day and eliminate the German speaking enemies without breaking a sweat. In their next campaign mission, our heroes encounter and defeat Farmer Boggy Pete for the first time. Then after a short bout of treasure hunting in a graveyard, the worms find themselves ambushed again by Boggy Pete who tries to drown them in his own vegetable field, but ends up making more damage to his crops instead.

Worms And Water Don't Mix

Being the nasty vermin that he is, Boggy Pete now attempts to drown some innocent sheep instead, but when the Rebel leader MTR finds about this, he goes solo to freeze his plans. By then, the horror worms start terrorising one of the islands and our heroes have to kick them in the sea one by one.

The Rebelz are next called up by the Admiral who wants them to help him retreive his cases of rum from a shipwreck. This is just a very simple task for a jetpack-equipped worm. Kicks and jetpacks also come in handy when the worms go after some thieves and a fight around the miller's windmill ensues. After a well placed bazooka missile, the important health crates are saved for the day.

Pirate Encounter

While travelling the seven seas, our worms are attacked by a treacherous group of pirate worms. The Rebelz give them a lesson and get away with their treasure. Afterwards they go to spend their treasure at the Helter Skelter, where they find a poor little worm being bullied by three others. Naturally it's time to teach those bullies a lesson. But Boggy Pete returns once again, this time to steal the Rebelz's cherries. After giving Pete another sound trashing, our worm captain finds himself in space to take down intergalactic scum who have nothing better to do than to blow up our satellites. Unfortunately, back on earth our worms end up shipwrecked on Skally Island, a pirate cove. On the bright side, the enemy pirates do have a ship that the Rebelz could use to get back home.

Pros And Cons

The problem with being a worm soldier is that you can get dispatched into all sorts of missions and end up in different situations. For example, in two subsequent missions the Rebelz had to first drop down by parachute onto an aircraft carrier and open fire on enemy vessels and just after board an enemy UFO to stop the invading alien worms. But war also has its good points. Whilst saving a group of tree villagers from an army of wood cutters, our soldiers take some time to relax in the tree houses. They are also called up to visit a movie set where a rebellous film crew is threatening to go on strike. However, the Rebelz manage to get into trouble themselves when they steal the golden egg, and have to climb down the beanstalk before the giant gets them.

Scary Turns Scarier!

The wormly heroes later have to save a school from total destruction before going against the prince of darkness himself, Dracuworm. However they cannot defeat him by themselves, so the Rebelz have to enlist Van Wormsing to help them get rid of the undead. Upon returning home, guess what? Villains are threatening to destroy the computer and not let anyone play Worms 3D, but the good guys succeed again to not only give a lesson to the villains, but they are also able to repair the monitor and switch everything back on.

Alas, when visiting another island, the worms end up locked up in jail and they have to break free, find some weapons and make their captors pay back for the affront. But trouble does not come alone, the Rebelz must meet the ultimate challenge. As the Grim Reaper stood proudly before them, MTR has to complete a test just to get away with his life. But they return to a pirate infested world, where our heroes have to match up with Pink Beard's bunch of foul smelling worms. On a positive note, they have a chance to use an all powerful weapon: The Concrete Donkey. Brrrr!

Shark Infested Waters

After making their way off from the pirates, our worm leader finds himself shipwrecked on Worm Island and must resort to his cunning in order to survive an earthquake and alert the coast guard with his location. Finally, the Rebelz decide to rid the world of pirates once and for all, so they go after the much feared Pink Beard. However, they get dispatched to the wrong island, so they must resort to some long range weaponry skills in order to accomplish their mission.

In the next mission, the entire Rebelz team get displached to an enemy installation, where they occupy the key target areas until a full scale attack takes place against the never-ending enemy attackers. However as our heroes get the space shuttle to go on to the next world, the last worm has to hastily climb the surrounding debris to get on the shuttle safely before the quickly rising water claims his life. Speaking of drowning, while the worms are patrolling with their zeppelin, they start a fight with five enemy planes. However the zeppelin is running out of fuel and so they have to kill the enemies quickly before their ship sinks down in the water.

Sleeping On The Job

After much missions and hard work, the Rebelz' colonel admits that he has a sleeping problem. Not to be outdone by such a problem however, the worms head down to the farm and get some sheep jumping over the fences. After counting the third one, the colonel falls soundly asleep. Soon after though, the renewed colonel sends our worm heroes to fight in a spectacular standoff in a kitchen until the very last drop of tap water.

Soon after, a worm gets dispatched for some mine clearing action in a holiday location. Throwing mines in the sea, climbing buildings Prince of Persia style, walking on ropes and jumping from buildings by parachute against fierce wind is all in the order of the day! Our hero makes a good impression, but this only leads him to a fight against followers of the Norse Gods. Going to Valhalla, the worms' leader goes solo, picking up his enemies one by one in his typical sneaky ways.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

The next mission is a much humbler one, although aliens must be stopped at once before they suck all the earth's electric power. However they did not calculate fighting against the Rebelz, which end up helping the world to get rid of the invaders once and for all. On the next morning the worms wake up for another day on the battlefield, but they find out that there are no more missions for them. They have been dismissed! So what do they do now? Simple, our heroes go to the Challenge grounds to measure themselves up against each other in all sorts of contests. These worms will never give up a good reason to fight and blow everything into pieces.


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