The Illustrated Story of Gargoyle’s Quest: Ghosts’N Goblins (Gameboy)

A long time ago, the ghoul realm barely escaped great peril. A large army of destroyers came from a neighboring universe. The creatures of the ghoul realm were no match for the powerful destroyers. Just when everyone had given up hope, a great fire swept over the realm, wiping out the destroyers army. Several hundred years have passed and the realm is threatened once again...

Game Highlights

Through The Portal

Three of the ghoul king’s loyal men come to warn Firebrand, a young gargoyle, about an unknown attacker, one with great strength. He is urged to return to the realm through the dimension portal before it is destroyed. His journey is threatened by skeletons, fire demons, and other enemies who try to stop him. A large fish called Zundo Druer is the last enemy that Firebrand disposes of before going through the portal.

Once in the ghoul realm, Firebrand runs to meet Jark the Barone. Jark seems to have lost his gremlin stick, which he received from King Darkoan himself, and is the source of his powers. Firebrand agrees to help him, so the Barone gives him the Fingernail of The Spectre to aid him in his quest by making him lighter and thus fly higher. Related password: 7ER4-KBTN

Meeting King Darkoan

In a nearby tower beyond the bridge, Firebrand finds the gremlin stick and returns it back to Jark. As soon as he grabs his stick, Jark has a vision of the King being engulfed in flames. He gives the Candle of the Poltergeist to Firebrand and sends him on his way to save the king. The way to the King is barred by a ghoul who, upon seeing how courageous Firebrand is, gives him the Armor of the Dragon and lets him carry on. Related password: DN6C-DF9D

With improved vitality, the gargoyle swims through an underground cave before reaching the next town. There he receives some information of how he can reach the palace, and after finding the Wings of the Falcon, he manages to fly over a chasm that stands between him and his destination. Once inside the palace, Firebrand learns that the kingdom was attacked by the King of Destruction and his army of skeleton beasts. Before entering the throne room, Firebrand has to fight the bee monster Bellzemos. He then lights the candle to restore some of the king’s energy. Darkoan tells him that Breager is the King of Destruction that is threatening his realm, but he can be defeated by the Red Blaze. He also tells our hero that Bymon knows where Majorita is, who in turn might know the location of the Red Blaze.

Related password: FNFU-JVEG

Getting the Candle of Darkness

Heading south-east, Firebrand hopes to get the Candle of Darkness from Barone Bymon in order to summon Majorita. But once he gets there, he is first challenged to prove his strength by another gargoyle, who after being defeated gives Firebrand the Armor of Guile. Then he is told by Bymon that the candle that he is looking for has been stolen by the attackers. Related password: 9XLC-7AWP

So Firebrand heads further east into the Desert of Destitution to recover the candle. He battles his way through the dangerous tunnels under the hot desert sand until he reaches Zakkudruzer, a monstrous snail thing. The gargoyle uses his newly discovered power of the claw to dispose of this enemy and recover the candle. He returns the Bymon who reveals a secret passage that will lead Firebrand to Majorita’s cave. There, he is told to light the Candle of Darkness in order to reveal her. She tells him how a long time ago the King of Darkness was imprisoned by the Red Blaze, which was really a red mutant gargoyle just like Firebrand! This is when our hero finds out that he is a descendant of the Red Blaze.

Related password: GH5A-JYQF

From Here to The Eternal Candle

At this point, Firebrand is the only one capable of defeating the King of Destruction. However his power is not enough to complete his task yet. He is sent to find Rushifell to obtain, you guessed right, another candle, this time the Eternal Candle. However, the red gargoyle must first pass through the treacherous Naga’s pass before he can reach his destination. Just out of the pass, he finds Rushifell’s palace, where he is once again challenged to prove his worthiness by wrestling the candle away from its current owner deep inside the palace’s inner chamber. Related password: JPAL-RR8Y

Rushifell is amazed with Firebrand’s tenacity, so he yields the candle. Upon wielding this symbol of great power, Firebrand becomes the Red Blaze. He can now fly endlessly without exhaustion, use the magical power of Darkfire, and even hear voices in his head, urging him to give the King of Destruction a lesson he won’t forget for at least another several hundred years. He starts going up Breager’s tower until he comes face to face with him. Sitting calmly upon his throne, Breager gives Firebrand the option to join his side, offering him to rule the ghoul realm. Naturally the Red Blaze refuses, and a fight ensues. However, Breager is no match for the power that Firebrand now possesses and disappears in a flash of light. King Darkoan then gives the Earth to Firebrand as a gift for his achievement.


When Breager was defeated, his power over Darkoan vanished. Darkoan regained his great power and defeated the entire army of Destroyers. The ghoul realm became safe(?) again. Firebrand became well known throughout the ghoul realm, a legend in his own time.


Comment by Desperado on
This Game was/is great! Really a Masterpiece. Not only the Gameplay, but also the Music. I clearly remember it (for example) in the Dark Tower, but also the Overworld Theme has a certain depth. Thanks for this Review.
Comment by KaragAlex on
This brings back a lot of memories! Someday, I'll surely do another longplay of this masterpiece, for old times' sake. Although for a while, your resume' nearly quenched my thirst. Awesome entry, sir!
Comment by GBFan on
Brings back childhood memories! Great game.

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