The Illustrated Story of Bionic Commando (NES) (NES/Famicom)

I'll talk about the person I met when I was young...

In 198X we've found the Badds' top secret material called Albatros which was never put into practice. Imperial Force's Generalissimo Killt has seen the plan, and decided to execute the plan himself. The Federation tried to stop his attempt by sending our hero Super Joe. But lost contact with him. One brave man was sent with a special mission...

To rescue Super Joe. The story begins...

Game Highlights

Captain, it's from Headquarters

From the start of the mission, our hero captain Ladd is reassured by his comrades that they will be communicating with him and providing him with help as much as possible throughout the various communications rooms. His orders are to infiltrate the well protected enemy base and rescue Super Joe, who is fundamental for the overall completion of the mission. He can count on his bionic arm and on his standard gun to climb around the base's structures and blast anything that moves. A helicopter drops him on the beach to start his mission. He climbs to the first communications tower and gets his orders to proceed underground. He is also informed where the enemy's arsenal is located, so that he can equip himself with additional firepower. He then proceeds to blow up Area 1's main system.

He's too strong for them

Our hero proceeds further into the mountains to the north-east. There he finds the enemy's arsenal located inside an underground cave complex. Making his way through the dark corridors, Ladd manages to communicate with his next contact, M-8, who tells him that he will soon need to find another communicator in order to proceed through the next areas. Picking up a handy multi-way cannon, he makes his way to area 5.

The captain's next location is outside a towering structure that stands in the middle of a deserted area. Although he is confronted by new enemies with superior technological weapons, his hopes are ignited when he picks up a signal with the distressed voice of Super Joe. A friendly spy also tells him that Joe was taken to Area 8. He must hurry, so he destroys the main system and makes off with a rocket launcher, finds the ß communicator and proceeds to the next location.

Heroes always look good

The next stop takes our hero through insect-infested forest areas with man-eating plants and quick-sand pits where the trusty bionic arm becomes once again very handy. Inside the enemy building however the environment is as cold and bleak as the others before it. We learn however that Joe is now located at the disposal area. Captain Ladd proceeds with his helicopter over a sea platform in the hope of finding out more information. At the core of this naval base, he faces off against a well-armoured enemy that is protecting the main system. After a hard-fought battle, he obtains the next communicator which he needs in the next areas in his search for Joe.

With the new d communicator, the captain manages to finally receive a clear message from Super Joe, who believes that he is being kept somewhere near the ocean. Our hero also receives a message from his superiors to look for Joe at the disposal area. That is the captain's next stop, although Joe is nowhere to be found. Although he does not know where Joe was taken, Ladd interrogates a captured enemy soldier to learn about some secret passages. It is just a small matter of time however before the good guys succeed to find out the location of Joe's prison camp.

Please Hurry

The captain manages to destroy the heavily defeated base where the prison camp is located, and can finally free Super Joe. Joe has some grim news however, as he reveals that Killt is trying to build a huge laser cannon according to the Badds' design. The only way that he can do this is by resurrecting Master-D, who is the only one capable of completing the Albatros cannon. Killt has a plan and our two heroes must stop him. Joe invites his saviour to join him in his fight, but first sends him to get a special machine gun that he has prepared for the mission.

Ladd picks up the machine gun from a soldier called Destroyer-3, who also indicates the whereabouts of the last communicator. He also finds a helmet that will help him to proctect his head from stray bullets, before heading to the next comms room. There M-8 tells him that they have developed a new bazooka, which he must now get from another insider named Hal. In the next area, where the captain must navigate up the fiery platforms, he is contacted by Hal who says that he is waiting for him outside area 12 and that the captain must first blow up the main system of the area he is in.

Defeat the leader and get out!

Wearing his new bullet-proof vest, Ladd arrives in the last area, detemined to stop Killt. The generalissimo's undeground bunker is protected by two barriers, and our hero must blow up their supply in order to make it inside the enemy's hideout where Master-D is located. Killt has already launched the Albatros, even without Master-D's help. In fact he decides to abort his resurrection sequence, but in a twist of events, Master-D wakes up and kills his former admirer. Then he flings the Albatros against the captain, choosing to burn the hapless soldier with the ship's jet blasts instead of firing its weapons. The captain is however quick to find the hulking machine's weak spot, and fires a barrage of well placed rocket launcher shots.

With the Albatros grounded, Master-D tries to escape with a helicopter. In the last adrenalin-charged moments of the mission, whilst running after the fleeing enemy, Captain Ladd meets Hal who delivers a bazooka which he then uses to blast the helicopter's cockpit. Master-D is no more! With only 60 seconds before the base self-destructs, the captain rushes out only to notice that Super Joe is nowhere to be found. He goes back inside and the two come out just in time before the base blows up in a massive explosion. The captain now has a story to tell for many years to come.


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