The Illustrated Story of Fantasy World Dizzy (Sinclair Spectrum)

DIZZY & DAISY strolled through the enchanted forest without a care in the world... BUT SUDDENLY the Evil King's troll seized poor Daisy! She was sent to Wizard Weird's Tallest Tower, while Dizzy was dragged away and thrown into the deepest, darkest, dankest, of the King's Dungeons in the bowels of Fantasy World. DIZZY was frightened! Who knew what fate awaited him... and he still hadn't done this week's homework! But then he remembered that he had a fresh green apple that he had planned to give to his teacher to escape detention, and he cheered up. And there was some bread and water on the table! A cunning plan began to brew in his mind...

But DIZZY can't do everything on his own... you must help him!

Game Highlights

The Castle's Dungeon

Dizzy finds himself stuck in a dungeon cell, watched over by a troll and with no apparent way out. He succeeds to befriend the troll, but the troll is so afraid of the King's wrath that he doesn't let Dizzy go out through the cell's door anyway. However he suggests an alternative escape route, which Dizzy immediately follows. Once up on the castle's grounds, he starts looking for a way to save his beloved. Going up the stairs, Dizzy meets Denzil, who is acting cool as always. He reassures Dizzy that there is no need for fear, as he saw the King leaving the castle with his own eyes. His Majesty has still left his castle full of traps and foul creatures though.

The egg-shaped hero runs in the direction of the wizard's tower, but he is stopped in his tracks by a huge fire-breathing dragon. So Dizzy goes on the other side of the castle towards the sea, hoping to find someone or something to help him out of his predicament. There he finds Dozy, who is enjoying the sun and sipping his drink on his deckchair. All he wants to do is to keep enjoying the sun and sleep, and he gives a sleeping potion to Dizzy so that he can do likewise. Dizzy has a stroke of genius, and he uses the potion on the dragon so that he can easily get past him.

The Cloud Castle

Dizzy is now in the forest beneath the tower that is holding Daisy captive, but being a tower built on the clouds, he still must find a way to get up. He takes the opportunity to visit his relatives' tree-houses and their neighbourhood. There he meets Dylan, who is willing to help for a change, but he speaks in riddles which Dizzy does not yet understand. Once he gets the lift working, Dizzy can go up to the topmost tree-house, where Grand Dizzy is waiting. The old egg is looking for adventure and wants to go with Dizzy, but Dizzy cannot risk taking him on such a dangerous quest, so he politely refuses.

Grand Dizzy gives the young Dizzy a very useful crowbar, which helps him to open a door to another world. In this upside-down world, a shopkeeper approaches Dizzy, who trades him a bean for a miniature cow that Dizzy had found earlier. Back in the normal world, Dizzy is inspired to make this bean grow, so he plants it, and goes on a quest to fetch a pail of water. When Dizzy returns back to water the bean, the ground starts to rumble and the beanstalk spirals up to the clouds.

Daisy's Prison

With a couple of leaps on the stalk's leaves and some more on the precarious clouds, Dizzy is at the tower's doorway. He cannot get in yet, but there is a dragon's egg which he takes with him (maybe a distant relative?). He takes it to the dragon's lair, where mother dragon is happy to see her little egg back safely, so she lets Dizzy pass towards the deserted mines. Dizzy is sad to find the troll hiding here in the shadows away from the King, but he also finds what he came looking for.

It's back in the tower on top of the clouds. All that stands between Dizzy and his love now is a lever, which causes Daisy's cage to come down and let her free. After a brief moment of hugs and kisses, Daisy breaks off her saviour's hold and tells him that he must now go around the land to collect enough coins so that they are able to buy a house and live happily ever after. She tells him that she will be waiting for him at her home.

A Brave and Clever Hero

Dizzy is an egg that does not know how to say no, so he goes around to find the 30 coins required. Daisy is obviously overjoyed when he gets back with all of them, and the happy couple can now spend some time to share with each other.


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