The Illustrated Story of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Nintendo DS)

The sun shines in an unfamiliar sky. Today is the day my adventure begins. Summer vacation's so close I can taste it! Clean the library...are you kidding!? That book, it looks so old...

"One is fated to fill these barren pages. Know you his name?"

Game Highlights

Curiosity killed the cat

Our story starts on a school bench, where a little kid is dreaming about what to do during the summer holidays. The boy Kaishaku, which admittedly has some trouble obeying his mentors, has to stay after school even on the last day. Mr. Blair, his teacher, sends him to the library to meet the librarian, Mr. Randall. However, there is no one in the library, but a hefty tome attracts the boy's attention. He decides to open it and scribble his name inside, and in the next moment he finds himself in a totally strange new world.

Of chickens and clans

Kaishaku does not have time to think; a huge chicken-beast stands behind him ready to pounce. However he is lucky to meet Cid, who quickly convinces Kaishaku to join his clan in return for his safety. Once back in a safe place, Cid starts to inquire about the boy's origin. He promises to help him get back home, but in the meantime Kaishaku must learn how to survive in this strange world of Ivalice. He learns that by taking some quests he will earn money and experience, which will both help him in his progress. So off he goes to protect some chocobos!

It starts getting busy

It is soon decided that the next step is to visit the city of Camoa, which can offer more opportunities to any questing clan. On their way there, the Pantera clan, led by Kaishaku, finds the time to clear the roads from petty thieves and also to save Kyrra the Dragoon, who in turn teaches them the tricks of his job. Once in Camoa, the clan learns how to obtain more priviledges by completing some trials, and also hear that a legendary mage named Lezaford is making a comeback.

Although Cid gives the impression that he is an expert bounty hunter, his clan gets robbed all too easily by a little girl named Adelle. Cid and Kaishaku do not take it too well, and they find the opportunity to lay her a trap whilst hunting for Ugohr the great tortoise. She falls for it, but her desire for loot is so great that Adelle pleads them to let her join their clan on their trip to Graszton. However on the clan's first night at Graszton, Cid goes out into the dark streets looking for information, but he gets shot by a mysterious attacker. Bound to stay in bed, he still sends his clan to go looking for the mage in the whereabouts of the Aldanna range.

Magick means trouble

Kaishaku and Adelle manage to find the mage all too easily, and to top it all off, he just tells them that the secret to returning home is in the book that Kaishaku is carrying. Adelle tells the clan that she knows about a tonic that can cure Cid, and suggests that they go and look for the ingredients in the Galerria cave. She mentions also that there are some big pearls in there that she would like to get. Meanwhile Kaishaku opts for questing around the country in order to strengthen the team, by fighting monsters, helping assassins, reciting poems, confronting Red King of Cinquleur and so on. The clan starts growing larger with 2 Seeqs, a priest and a dragoon joining the party. Their additional fighting power helps the clan to overcome the Lord of the Flowsand, obtain the Zingu pearl and the moss required for the tonic.

A recovering Cid then suggests that the team should go and visit the Rupie mountains and enjoy the nice view. They take his advice, but once there they meet a mysterious person named Ewen who tries to steal their judge. They beat him soundly, and also find some kind of stone that he dropped during the battle. Cid suggests that they take it to be appraised in Moorabella. Whilst the stone is being appraised, they decide to go for a ride on the airship.

Sleepless Nights

In the aerodrome they meet Vaan, a sky pirate and his companion Penelo. He mistakenly confronts them because he thinks that they hide some treasure. When he learns about his mistake, Vaan tells them where they can find treasure to make up for his affront. With the airship working again, the clan can go for the treasure, but what they atually find is that Kaishaku is afraid of spooks. Then he ends accidentally gobbling one up and starts getting nightmares, dreaming about an ominious-looking place in particular.

To overcome his nightmares, Kaishaku must defeat the Oversoul, which he finds inside the Nazan mines. With that settled, the clan can try to find the mysterious place of his nightmares. Problem is, that they have no idea where it might be. Whilst watching Hurdy the moogle bard play music in a pub, Kaishaku comes up with the idea that a traveling musician must know about many places so he asks him for the mysterious place. Hurdy hasn't the vaguest idea where it might be, but in turn he offers to join the clan so that he can write a song about the boy's adventures in Ivalice. In the meantime Cid is told that the magicite stone they found had been stolen, and there's even a reward for it if they return it to the rightful owner. So Hurdy thinks that his first mission with the clan is going to be an easy one, but in reality it is just a trap orchestrated by Ewen, who flees away with the stone. It is apparent from this meeting that Cid is familiar with Ewen, and his group of outlaws known as Khamja, who are the ones responsible for his attempted assassination. Later on that day, they also learn that the sky pirates attacked Baron Beltorey.

The Rift

Cid suspects that it is Khamja behind the Baron's attempted murder, who in turn are starting to believe that Cid's clan is becoming a big nuisance. So Illua, one of Khamja's ranks, decides to confront them on the battlefield. However Illua has underestimated the clan's power, and is evidently surprised by their magick. She tries to destroy Kaishaku's grimoire, sending them to Zellea instead, the mysterious place of his dreams. A demon hand attacks them from an open rift in this forbidden land. Luckily, Lezaford guides them from beyond to defeat the monster, close the rift and return home safely.

Once back in Ivalice, Adelle starts having second thoughts about her decision to join the clan. Apparently like Cid, she also has a shadowy past. She leaves on her own, but is soon found by Illua, who hypnotises Adelle and orders the bemused girl to bring her the grimoire. In the fight that ensues between Adelle and her ex-mates, the clan witness the great power that Adelle indeed holds within her. Meanwhile, as Adelle gathers her thoughts together, the news in Ivalice is that the sky pirates continue their run of gem robberies. Cid's clan goes to stop the pirates, more out of curiosity rather than the need for their bounty. However they find two impostors, two very bad and clumsy imitators of Vaan and Penelo I might add!

The Ritual

Seeing her plans uncovered, Illua invites Cid's clan to participate in a ritual. The clan know that it is surely a trap, and obviously they decide to go anyways. Not before running a quick errand to Flourgis though. At the aerodrome, Kaishaku and Adelle bump into a womaniser called Al-Cid Margrace, who asks them to deliver a letter to the sky pirates for him. They find Vaan, help him out in a fight, and give him the letter, which actually tells Vaan and Penelo to stick with Clan Pantera in order to stand a chance to overcome Khamja. Adelle also learns how to increase her power as she meets Lennart, the Gifted One, who teaches her the job of the Heritor.

The clan go to the Ruins of Delgantua where Illua is waiting for them. She intends to sacrifice them in her ritual, but she gets more than she bargained for. Her magicks are not powerful enough to overcome Cid's clan, but as they close in for the kill she recites a spell and sends them in the land of Zellea once again. There is where she plans to fight the final battle and claim her boundless power.

The Two Grimoires

The fates of Kaishaku and Illua are inexorably intertwined, and the upcoming battle will be the final chapter in both of their stories. Once the final chapter is written in both of the books, all hell will break loose from the breach in the rift. This is really what Illua has been planning all along. Regardless if she wins the fight or not, she will have achieved her goal. Illua does lose the fight in the end, and the clan are faced with an otherworldly force from within the rift.

The hardened clan has become well prepared to fight anyone, but this enemy is unlike anything that they have ever fought before. The battle drags along for a long time. Cid and his clan-mates still make their progress a hit at a time, until finally converging to beat the final energy source. As the energy core blows into oblivion, all becomes peaceful once again. However it is the time of farewells for Kaishaku, and he returns to his own world amongst the sound of Hurdy's music.


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