The Illustrated Story of Zuma's Revenge! Adventure (PC)

Strange frog, why do you intrude on us? This island is no holiday resort. Five fierce chiefs guard our mysteries!


Game Highlights

Jungle of Mystery

Our hero frog is caught in a storm, and we meet him as he reaches a mysterious island with his makeshift raft. A shady being stops him and tries to discourage him from going further inside Tiki Island. The frog is even more intrigued rather than discouraged, so he steps forward.

His progress is hindered by colored energy spheres which he must clear with his matching spheres that he is able to spit from his mouth. This is no ordinary frog indeed! Our hero goes on until he finds a list city in the jungle and is confronted by Kahtiki Khan, an ancient stone demon. The skull-throwing devil idol is an easy target for the ball-spitting frog though.

Lilypad Leap

After hearing about the defeat of his brother Khan, Maga Maga the witch doctor awaits the frog in his quiet village. The frog must still find his way through the jungle though, occasionally throwing lightning bolts, detonating bombs and firing lasers from his eyes to dispose of the magic spheres. Maga Maga commands the use of very powerful magick, and is virtually invincible when he protects himself with his puppet tikis. No matter! The frog still beats him soundly.

Visit Fabulous Lost City

Next up is Baron Digo. He also thinks that he is invincible. In fact, he is at least immune to the frog's balls. The Baron is also a showoff though. He skins his victims to put his electrified soul inside their rib-cages. Luckily for the frog, his balls can destroy the skeletons, fusing with the Baron's soul in the process. This produces an electric ball of lightning which the frog can throw at his opponent. This is not only effective, but is a painful experience for the Baron indeed, who ends up with a bout of amnesia.

Mosquito Coast

Mr. Frog decides to head to the south-western coast of the island. There to wait for him is Kolo Kamari, and insect god. After treading through swamps, marshes, ponds, and pools with skull-shaped corals, the frog comes face to face with the fourth boss. The tactic that Kamari uses this time is to send a swarm of mosquitoes towards the frog in order to slow him down. This makes life difficult for our hero. Moreover, the mosquito god of pestilence, as Kolo is fondly known, can only be destroyed with a well placed bomb. The frog, albeit moving sluggishly around, successfully delivers the final blow.

Undersea Grotto

The amphibian hero jumps into the water to continue his tour of the island. Amidst the reef on the bottom of the sea, he continues to blast more colored spheres as necessary to complete his quest. In the deep, dark corner of a cave, lies the squid god Cephalo Ha. This adversary concedes that he is not invincible. However he still surrounds himself with a strong energy shield that the frog must first discover how to break. Moreover, the ugly cephalopod fires ink at his adversary when cornered, resulting in temporary blindness for the unlucky frog. The watery god's anger is not enough to stop the frog's progress though.

Volcano Temple

The atmosphere starts getting hotter as the frog climbs up the volcano's path. There at the top, Zhaka Mu is waiting for him, the same mysterious figure who had greeted him on his arrival on Tiki Island. As the last protector of the island, this devil spirit throws all the tricks at his disposal towards the frog. First in the form of an idol, similar to the other bosses, his chef bears its magick from chicken-leg wands. The true Zhaka Mu then appears looking his utmost fierce. However seeing his chances keeping to fade, he transforms yet again into a bat-like creature.

The frog still goes and gives a sound beating to his opponent, so Zhaka Mu unleashes his final trick upon the frog. If no one can beat the frog, he can perhaps beat himself. The demon drains the frog's soul and incarnates a demonic-frog mirror image. Dazed and confused, the frog beats his final opponent to find out the island's secret: a princess frog was being held captive in the volcano, and he is the knight that has saved her. Cheers and ice cream all around!


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