The Illustrated Story of Command & Conquer Generals (PC)

Command & Conquerâ„¢ Generals puts your trigger finger on the pulse of modern warfare. Choose a General in control of massive armies of bleeding-edge military weaponry across a globe teetering on the brink of Armageddon. Command either the mighty U.S. Army, the Chinese war machine or the resourceful Global Liberation Army, each packed with high-tech arsenals ready to deliver unprecedented firepower on land or in the skies. Prepare your forces, Commander... it's time to engage in the next generation of 3D real-time strategy -- Command & Conquer Generals.

Game Highlights

Training Mission

Real hands-on training as a Command & Conquer General begins in quite a strange way. With nationality ignored, the final battlefield training always puts the General in charge of US troops fighting against the GLA revolutionaries in Mazar. After showing his ability to succeed in battle, the General is sent off to Beijing, China where he must plan a counter offensive when a Chinese parade is struck by a GLA terrorist attack.

Rules of War

The treachery of war starts to be felt when a bridge in Hong Kong is blown up by terrorists while Chinese troops are crossing it, leaving them cut off from the main base. This leaves no other choice for the commander than that of establishing a new base from which to conduct an assault on the enemy-occupied Convention Centre.

The taste of true payback comes when the General is introduced to Black Lotus, an operative that can hack into and subvert enemy buildings or disable enemy units. Very handy indeed, as is the increased arsenal provided by the Construction Dozer's new ability to build airports.

Hitting Them Where It Hurts

As the Chinese army keeps getting better, they even get the attention of the American government who helps them by sending bombers so that the GLA can be crushed once and for all. Aircraft are displaying their prowess as powerful fighting machines, but it is always the troops that have to finish things off. However, with a mission where the General is at a disadvantage, it is Black Lotus with her team of hackers that proves their worth by obtaining money and changing the tide of battle to finally blow up the train bridge.

Nuclear Supremacy

As the Chinese hope to end the terrorist threat with a final offensive in Tajikistan, their General is given the go ahead to use the Chinese nuclear arsenal. However as soon as the army enters Dushanbe, they just walk into a trap set up by the GLA. With their numbers reduced, the Chinese still manage to establish a base from where they can plan their offensive.

The GLA are quick to show their enemies that they are not going down easily by throwing a Scud Storm. As they send wave after wave of infantry and Scud attacks, the Chinese take a lot of damage and can barely hold back. If it was not for their Overlord tanks, they would not have defended themselves whilst building the nuclear facility at the back of their base. When their nuclear superiority is achieved, the Chinese are now able to throw nuclear missiles, followed by tank attacks and subversion of enemy facilities with the help of Black Lotus. Soon the GLA stronghold falls down and the Chinese march down the streets triumphantly where they can celebrate their complete victory against the infidels.

Terrorism Can Never Be Suppressed

Reduced in numbers, the GLA gather away in Shymkent to plan their comeback. Now they have their new General and he shows how he means business by sending suicide bombers to attack the nearest Chinese base. The General decides to fund his military movement by attacking key villages where the United Nations is sending its financial aid and just steal the funds. The Americans intervene once again by sending aircraft in the hope of flying crates over the enemy blockades, but the GLA is quick to obtain and make use of anti-aircraft weaponry. Crates full of money just fall on their laps from the sky!

The next step in the terrorism guidebook is to make best use of street riots. So, finding the right place to be Astana City, the GLA instigate a large scale riot and make use of the confusion to destroy and loot civilian buildings in order to further increase their funds. Although with negligible forces, the US still tries to reduce the terrorist threat that is rising in the region.

Race for The Top of The Food Chain

Unsurprisingly, as the terrorist force starts growing larger, clashes with the Americans start becoming more frequent. The key to defeat the superior US Air Force is to destroy their airfields. With their acquired funds and arms dealer network, the GLA now have SCUD armaments within their grasp. Although the American airfields are well defended, this added firepower gives victory to the home army.

The US strikes back where it hurts by taking hold of the GLA's toxin storage facility on the Western shore of the Aral Sea. It is of no use however, as the terrorists manage to defend their main base while at the same time get back their precious bunkers one after the other. They are even swift to eliminate a defecting faction that was dealing with the Chinese government, and this time they set an alarming precendent. To deal with the traitors in fact, they just detonate a stolen Chinese truck carrying a nuclear warhead, followed by a biological bomb drop to finish everyone off.


The ultimate GLA achievement is to take control of the Cosmodrome, an old Soviet rocket facilty where deadly toxin missiles can be fired from. Their general dutifully leads his men forward whilst protecting his base from nuclear missile and particle cannon attacks. Once the site is within the terrorists' hands, they waste no time to unleash the deadly toxin-carrying missile onto one of the enemy's cities.

War on Terror

The Americans decide that the world can have no more of this threat from the terrorists and decide to act. They start with calling a full force massive attack onto a key SCUD launching facility. After a siege on Baghdad they leave the opposition in smoulders.

All is not well in ice cold Kazakhstan however, as the U.S. Forces are in full retreat. After barely surviving from heavy ground firepower, they win one back by finding a GLA training camp. With reinforcements arriving by sea, the blue guys successfully bring the heavily entrenched site down to its knees.

Joining Forces

Still in Kazakhstan, a peace conference is planned under US protection. The terrorists strike the UN led delegation in their usual manner by sending a car bomb to meet the diplomatic convoy, but even their SCUD launchers can't stop the American advance. As part of the Chinese army renews its allegiance to the GLA, the old US of A constructs a particle cannon that quickly makes a swift sweep of the dissenters and their allies. As the remaining Chinese forces with their nuclear power join the United States army, the terrorist stronghold is torn down into little pieces.

Back home, the American president addresses his people to tell them that the war is over and the world is once again a happy place to live in.


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