The Illustrated Story of Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon (PC)

The murder of an underground hacker in Paris is just the beginning of this extraordinary adventure for George Stobbart and Nico Collard in the highly anticipated Broken Sword III. Powerful seismic events are shaking the world. An Ancient Conspiracy, the Secrets of the Templars, and a fiendish source of pure Evil are responsible…

From the jungles of the Congo to the deceptive calm of the English West Country and gothic castles – time is running out for the Earth and only George and Nico can save it…

Game Highlights

Flying Start

Our heroes George Stobbart and Nicole Collard return again in yet another adventure. However things start not so good at all as George in Congo and Nico in Paris witness the murders of both of their contacts. But while George is quick to find and follow another lead just in time to save his next contact Bruno from certain death in Glastonbury, England, Nicole just ends up behind bars for two days.

Our Heroes Join Forces

Not easily foiled, Nico returns to the crime scene to find more about the murder and the person who framed her. She finally finds a DVD that helps to satisfy her curiosity enough to start her own adventure. As usual Nicole asks André Lobineau for help. His suggestion to find clues in a nearby theatre however, puts her in danger only to be saved yet again by our witty hero Stobbart. After meeting each other, George and Nico confirm that a bad guy named Suzarro is the enemy of both. They find out and take an artifact named the Solomon's Key from Suzarro's hideout in Paris, but once out of the theatre, the key is stolen by a misterious attacker.

Return To The Congo

After regrouping with the rest of the team, everyone agrees with the decision that the next destination should be the Congo. An underground temple contains another artifact, however each of its rooms is infested with traps or puzzles that George solves with the help of Nico. Meanwhile, Nico's apartment in Paris is trashed and Bruno is captured and taken away. So after they return from the action packed Congo, George and Nicole decide to follow the bad guys in Prague.

More Traveling

To infiltrate their ememy's base, brimming as it is with Susarro's guards, Nico and George have to resort to all their cunning, stealth and above all team work. They also get to dress up in order to keep going, Nicole as Petra, the woman who framed her in the opening scene, and George as a common soldier accompanying Petra. They briefly contact Bruno, but they also witness Susarro speaking about his next trip to the St. Stephan Chapter of the Knights Templar.

Montfauçon is where the knights of St. Stephan are hidden, but it is also where George arrives late to see almost all the knights dead by the hand of Susarro who finds the Solomon's key back in his evil clutches. However all is not lost as while Nico and André search for more clues, George obtains the third artifact and also has the honour to be knighted a knight of St. Stephan.

Egyptian Mysteries

Regrouped again, our heroes find out that Egypt is the home of the armillary, a device that gathers the earth's power, ready to be unleashed with great destruction. So George and Nico travel to Egypt after Susarro, but they must first get past a couple of puzzles after coming face to face with Anubis himself.

It seems that George and Nico are just in time as they succeed to stop Susarro, but the Grand Master of the Neo Templars makes a comeback after having been tought dead by the hands of our heroes several years before. Reveling herself as his assistant, Petra manages to switch on the destructive machine before getting away with the Grand Master. It is only when Bruno sacrifices his life that Sir George and Madame Collard manage to get out of the ancient trap and follow the hardened Templar to the end of the world.

The Dragon's Rebirth

Hot on the heels of the Grand Master, George and Nico return in a flooded Glastonbury. After everyone finds his way up the tor for the ultimate showdown, they witness the now uncontrollable force of geomantic energy burst out, transforming the Grand Master into a dragon. However while Nico is busy fighting Petra in hand to hand combat, the ground below starts crumbling apart and George falls down inside the earth's crust. Surprisingly, instead of meeting certain death, he finds himself in a medieval burial chamber.

Going Back Home

It all gets very weird in the end as Armageddon approaches. George pulls out the legendary sword from the stone and is teleported in front of the fire-breathing dragon. Luckily, his glowing sword proves its worth as George cuts the dragon to pieces. What the heck, the world is saved again and George and Nicole can hug each other all they want.


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